Philip Bell, P.E. began Bell Engineering, PLLC
with the intent to establish a quality
engineering firm dedicated to providing prompt
and professional  services

Through combining  expertise in municipal design with
an extensive site planning background, BE is well
positioned to develop any project within a
n urban or
environment. Our extensive knowledge of
municipal design and infrastructure provides us with the
background necessary to ensure a successful design and
a constructable project.
Measure twice, cut
Mr. Bell is the company manager and lead engineer. He has a degree in
Environmental Design and Planning as well as in Civil Engineering. His planning
background is fundamental to the land development process both in-house and
within the public approval arena. Mr. Bell has worked for the public sector b
oth as
a civil servant and as a private consultant. Mr. Bell has 7 years of experience as the
Planning Board Engineer for two of the largest municipalities in the region:
City of
Poughkeepsie and the City of Newburgh. This provides great insight to the
planning board approval process and lends itself to obtaining approvals in a
professional and diligent manner.
Land Development and Planning
Municipal Infrastructure and Capital Improvements
Bell Engineering, PLLC specializes in commercial site development. We support
Architects, land developers and real estate development companies. We offer
project planning and  complete engineering services throughout the entire approval
process. This  includes all external agency approvals including but not limited to:
Bell Engineering is also dedicated to providing services for the public sector.
Bell Engineering has extensive experience with the development of municipal
capital improvement projects ranging from pump stations, water mains,
culverts, storm systems to parks and streetscapes.Bell Engineering, PLLC is also
capable of handling large and small capital improvement projects. This may
begin with engineering analysis, design reports and capital improvement
planning. Then onto the development of construction drawings and bid
documents created for the procurement of a qualified contractor under the
auspice of a publicly let contract.
  • Compliance with NYSDEC stormwater and Wetland regulations.
  • ACOE jurisdictional determinations and approvals.
  • County department of health submittals as required.
  • NYSDOT Roadway work permits.
  • Local municipal guidelines.
Remediation Projects
Ecosystems Strategies, Inc.
BE has teamed up with Ecosystems Strategies, Inc. for site
remediation projects. BE is involved in the preparation of
Remedial Action Work Plans through to Final Engineer's
Reports. BE works with the client and approving Agency
throughout the entire process, from contaminate
identification to certification of final report.
Specializing in:
- Commercial Site Development
- Municipal Infrastructure Design
- Remedial Engineering
Complete Consulting Engineering  Services
About Firm
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